What is IP Address Beginner’s Guide’s 192.168.l.l is an IP address which is used by internet routers of the brands Linksys and Westell. Routers from other brands also use this IP address and not only that there are devices as well which have been using these IP addresses to a massive scale. When you are running a network and routers, a sound understanding of 192.168.l.l remains a must so that you comprehend how things work on the website.

Before using this IP address you need to configure the router as well which we shall talk about in the segment below so have a look.

Configuring a Router with 192.168.l.l IP Address – is it Really Necessary?


When you have not configured the router to this IP address there is a lesser possibility that accessing the network is not possible. Not only that, configuration of network is very tough to manage and you can visit the weblinkand there are administration interface as well which are undertaken in order to handle some of the common issues which involve enabling the devices to get connected to the network.

Configuring the router also involves setting them up for other IP addresses as well and in some cases when router is not responding to the net connections then configuring the network really works.

When the Devices can’t connect to

Many times, the devices cannot get connected with this IP address and in that case, this problem can be corrected by automatically obtaining the IP address. But this can only happen when the IP address is not assigned to the network. Follow the steps below to obtain the IP address automatically:

  • Right click on the Network
  • Check if your LAN is connected or not through view status
  • Click Internet Protocol and obtain the IP address automatically
  • In the subnet mask field, type and in the default gateway field, type

What if the router address is changed?

You can seek for manual of the router and check the website for additional information where the default gateway address is listed. Mostly, it is through troubleshooting that the default gateway for the router is reset.

Why IP address looks like this?

It is all about the octets and why this IP address is divided by dot that has left many people wondering. So check out the private IP addresses which are as follows in varied range:

  • 0.0.0 –
  • 16.0.0 –
  • 168.0.0 –

IP addresses are divided into two classes:

  • Private IP addresses
  • Public IP addresses

Large numbers of routers and devices are using the private IP addresses which are abundant in contrast with the public IP addresses which are limited.


There is a limitation of using private addresses that IP packets are not routable and in that case, ISP and NAT (Network address translation) comes into play. All the routers which are used at home or in private spaces are allotted the IP addresses from the private network.

Why is allotted?

The 192.168.x.x(192.168.l.l) is chosen because it intended to specify the addresses for much smaller subnets which emerged at a rapid scale as the internet developed. When the demand for using subnet increased, this IP address range had a prominent role to play. Initially, it was only some of the vendors who were using this IP address but with time many others followed the suite.

Story behind

If you look at the range of the IP address, it is –, here the first IP address and the last one are reserved for network and broadcast whereas all the other IP addresses lying between this ranges are meant for connecting the devices and giving them an identity while they are connected to internet.

The first usable address is Login which is a default gateway and is also termed as Man of the decade famously in the internet realm.

Configuring the wired TCP/IP properties of PC

This is easier thing to be done on your PC where certain steps are to be follow so that machine gets use for this IP address. Check out the following steps for the same:

  1. Start -> Control Panel ->Networn and internet connections -> select network connections
  2. Double-click Local Area Connection icon
  3. Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) tab
  4. Double click Properties
  5. Configure the TCP/IP protocol through DHCP server or assign the address manually
  6. Apply setting and click ok

This sets the IP address to be 192.168.l.l on your machine and enables your machine to run in a perfect way.

Why these addresses are call as private addresses?

These private addresses which are assign for the machines are known as RFC1918 addresses and serve multiple purpose of getting your device connect with the network thus easing the use of network and mobile data. You need to have a proper understanding of this IP address and its working as it lets you manage the router and its settings through more plausible way.

These addresses are mean for making your machine have a proper connection and doing away with the network relate problems too. This is an IP address that has been serving loads of operations in an easy way which eventually sets your machine smoothly.

What happens when you ping

When you are pinging on command prompt, you get a statistics which talks about packets which are sent and received. Besides that, information about lost packets is also state. The round trip time is also mention which is generally in milli-seconds and talks about the minimum and maximum times which goes into that, average time for round trip is also state. basically an IPV4 address which is use by multifarious users across the globe. Basically this IP address is use by variety of broadband routers which are connect with different devices including the computers, phones and so on. All of these devices on the network can use 192.168.l.l when they connect to different networks but at a single instance, only one device is going to get utilize this IP address. Admin – Router Configuration Settings using IP

Before starting this topic we want to tell you that this is a very interesting content in which we will tell you something new. So most of you are thinking that what is “ admin IP”? Then see, this is one of the default admin pass key or IP address to get the full access to your router settings. We always get our access points or Wi-Fi routers in our home or offices. Through these points, many users get connected with in it to access the internet. But we do not have any permission to get access to the admin point. So this permission is only possible through a single system when connected via LAN wire to the router. Admin

This topic will discuss the procedure to set up the admin account using 192.168.l.l IP address. And you also get know how to start to configure your router using this IP address. This IP address is valid for multi ranges of routers modems like Digisol, Net-gear, Asus, TP Link, D Link. The admin page of these routers is easily accessible using this single IP address only. To start up the whole set up process you need to get ready with PC system and the new internet connection with router modem. So in the next point, we will start to discuss the features and set up the procedure of this admin IP.

How to Access Router Configuration Settings using Admin IP?

This is the most common and the genuine steps to get access to the Configuration settings of your Router using Admin IP. So the user needs to fulfill all the requirements before starting to get access to router settings. Go through the below points to get know about it more deeply. Admin

  • At first, you need to get sure that you PC is properly connected to the router using RJ 45 jack based LAN cable.
  • Now open any of your web browser installed in your PC and type the admin IP address on the top search bar. Or you can go through this Link to instantly open the required page.
  • If you find any problem in loading this page then check you are properly connected to the router and having internet on it. If not then re start your router and re connect your PC to the router modem.
  • Now refresh your browser page or enter the same IP address on your browser and go through it.
  • The interface of the router configuration page will automatically display on your browser.
  • At first, you need to enter the login ID and Password for your router. If you do not know the ID and Password and check your Router user manual or contact the router customer support. (To get the default Username and Password of the most common router models then click here). Also, check the back label of your router where you may find the default username and password in it.
  • After entering the Username and Password on the login page now you will get entered into the main page. In this page, you will find all the configuration options to change or modify as your wish.
  • Thus you can, at last, create your own browser using this configuration setting.

 What are the Features of Admin IP?

Some of the best features of the Admin IP for the reliability of the users is describe below. These features are very much useful and important for users. So let us discuss the features of Admin IP.

  • Every user whether he/she is a home or office user can use this IP for configuring their router modems.
  • This default IP address is work able on most of the router brands. So if you found that this IP is not working in any brands of the router then you may contact with the expert professionals.
  • Through this address, you can get to add or remove the unnecessary users from the Access points as the need you wish.
  • This IP will make secure your router from external unknown sources to get into it.
  • You will get one Android app named as Admin which is easily available on Google Play. Through this app also you can access the Admin IP to get into the configuration settings of your router modem.
  • Get full access to handle your router with out any other admin help.
  • Control all the connected users with this router and set up your limits to them through this IP.
  • You can also create and delete any DNS records from your server through this Admin page.
  • get all the info about the router and check the current connection status of your Internet connectivity.
  • On regular basis you can  get all the updates for your device. It helps you to maintain your internet speed reliably and efficiently.

So use this IP by a single system or user only to get access the configuration settings of your router modem. If you will use same Admin IP over a same network twice at a time it will create malfunctioning your connection. You can use your browser or use that Google Play app to use the Admin IP. If you feel any problem in doing this process you may contact to your friend and any professional. May they can set up this process who knows about the network settings very clearly. That’s all about the Admin IP, hope you all are satisfie with this context write above about this Admin IP. Login – How to Setup Wireless Router through 192.168.l.l

Whenever we are using the new router for our computers, they come with a default IP address which is 192.168.l.l, be it a wired router or the wireless one. If you are new to the configuration process of your router, then you may find it difficult to do it because there are certain steps that are required to follow to log in and set up the router with your system . Below we will be discussing the necessary steps to set up and log in the router.

How to Setup Wireless Router through 192.168.l.l:

Configuring the router and issues in accessing

Configuring the router at the initial phase is what most of the people prefer to do, but despite following every said step and procedure there may be errors happening in it. login Even if you are typing the correct IP address, there is a possibility of it showing the error. Further, we will discuss these issues and the steps for configuring the router.

  1. The first and main step is to check the connectivity of your LAN and WAN, your cables are insert in the correct port and your net card is functioning properly in your system.
  2. Do check if the power of your router is on, which you can see the blinking LED on the router itself.
  3. Once you have establish the connection, with the cables fixed properly, power being on, then it is important to check if the IP address is configure properly. To do this, go to start menu, then the Run menu, type CMD and press enter. When a box opens, types “ipconfig” in it. You will get a window with a lot of information in it, then check if the IP of the local connection is 192.168.1.x (x is the number in between 2-254), or the default getaway is, subnet mask
  4. If the above IP is not mention in the window, then you need to configure it. Right click on the Network Neighbourhood and then select Properties, further find the ‘TCP/IP’ line, double-click for the modification of the IP, keep DNS to ‘obtain automatically’.
  5. Once you have entered the router configuration page, then go to ‘Network configuration’ and further in ‘WAN port settings’. In this, type the account name and password as given by your cable provider. If you are not able to access it then it is the time to call the customer service.

If you are still not able to connect to the internet, then try restoring the router settings by following the below steps:

  1. There is always a small hole near the power socket of the router. It is a very small hole that you will find, then you take a needle to some object which is as sharp and sleek as a needle. Then insert the needle in that tiny hole, press it for about three to five seconds and leave it. This will restore the settings of your router.
  2. Then you can log in to the router and reconfigure the settings ahead. Don’t forget to check the IP address of your computer as it should be same as your router.
  3. Once the router settings are default then open https://192.168.l.l.tips, now you should be able to work on it.
  4. If you are still facing the problem even after taking the above measures, then type ‘start – run – cmd’, and type ‘ping′, this will help in checking if your system’s network card is working.
  5. if the network card is working good, then there could be a possibility of your router being faulty, it is better to replace it.
  6. Even before replacing try to attach your router to another computer to check of really there is a problem with the router.
  7. If the connection is working fine with the other computer, then chances are that your computer might be having some problem with it.

Above steps cover almost everything which can help you with the setup and logging of your router.

Default Router Settings – Router Username and Password:

During the manufacturing of the router, it is simultaneously configure with a default username and password. It can be easily found out on the back of the router where its printed and stuck on it. The font size of it may be quite small, so you need to ensure to pay attention to see it properly because to start the process of configuration you need this information in hand. If in case, you are not able to find it on the back of the router, do check the manual which comes with it because there it will be mention.

The most popular brands of routers like TP-Link, Linksys and Mercury generally have a default IP address programmed in it during the manufacturing process, this IP address is https://192.168.l.l.tips Being a standard and default IP address it is easier to remember, in case you forget it or want to check it you can always restart your router and then check the settings.

so that you might have understood all of the gear and requirements for login for your wi-fi router. Router settings may additionally differ, however basic usually stay same. in case you are familiar with any one router manage panel, then you could handle and regulate any router control console. This content Login admin will help you to login on your router middle panel and deal with its settings.

Netgear Wireless Router Not Working – How to Troubleshoot Wireless Router

Wireless Router are used to connect various devices with each other or to the Internet. Mainly people use these routers to connect their devices to the web via Wi-Fi. So there are very much needed to create a network anywhere. Nowadays people use the Netgear Wireless Router in their home or office, and it is one of the most popular brands that manufactures routers.

Netgear Wireless Router Not Working:

Netgear Wireless Router

But sometimes you might get some problem regarding its connectivity. It will show error while connecting you to the internet or connecting any other device. In this article, I am going to show you some of the techniques through which you can solve the Netgear Wireless Router not working problems. Link – Best Wireless Routers

Troubleshoot Wireless Network Problem:

The router may create problem while connecting your device to the internet. And to make the device work aging smoothly, you have to fix the problem. So below I will give you some techniques to solve the problem regarding your Netgear wireless Router.

  • You have to turn off the wireless connection and then connect your PC directly to the router through an Ethernet cable.
  • Then restart the computer and see whether it gets an internet connection or not.
  • If then also you won’t be able to connect then reboot your router.
  • You can also check if the computer is getting any signal while connected directly to your modem.
  • Then also if you are unable to get the connection then contact your service provider.

If wifi strength is weak:

If you fail to connect your device to the network, wireless is due to weak Wi-Fi strength. Then following are the ways through which you can connect your device ti the internet.

  • You have to troubleshoot intermittent wireless or dropped Wi-Fi connect wireless.
  • The range overview must be improved.
  • You have to select the wi-fi channels.
  • You have to resolve the poor 5GHz wireless signal from the Netgear Router.

These are the ways through which you can fix the problems regarding with your Netgear Wireless Router not working connection. This is a very good router but due to some technical problems you have to face these problems. So from now, you can fix it from your own.

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