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What is IP Address Beginner’s Guide’s 192.168.l.l is an IP address which is used by internet routers of the brands Linksys and Westell. Routers from other brands also use this IP address and not only that there are devices as well which have been using these IP addresses to a massive scale. When you are running a network and routers, a sound understanding of 192.168.l.l remains a must so that you comprehend how things work on the website.

Before using this IP address you need to configure the router as well which we shall talk about in the segment below so have a look.

Configuring a Router with 192.168.l.l IP Address – is it Really Necessary?


When you have not configured the router to this IP address there is a lesser possibility that accessing the network is not possible. Not only that, configuration of network is very tough to manage and you can visit the weblinkand there are administration interface as well which are undertaken in order to handle some of the common issues which involve enabling the devices to get connected to the network.

Configuring the router also involves setting them up for other IP addresses as well and in some cases when router is not responding to the net connections then configuring the network really works.

When the Devices can’t connect to

Many times, the devices cannot get connected with this IP address and in that case, this problem can be corrected by automatically obtaining the IP address. But this can only happen when the IP address is not assigned to the network. Follow the steps below to obtain the IP address automatically:

  • Right click on the Network
  • Check if your LAN is connected or not through view status
  • Click Internet Protocol and obtain the IP address automatically
  • In the subnet mask field, type and in the default gateway field, type

What if the router address is changed?

You can seek for manual of the router and check the website for additional information where the default gateway address is listed. Mostly, it is through troubleshooting that the default gateway for the router is reset.

Why IP address looks like this?

It is all about the octets and why this IP address is divided by dot that has left many people wondering. So check out the private IP addresses which are as follows in varied range:

  • 0.0.0 –
  • 16.0.0 –
  • 168.0.0 –

IP addresses are divided into two classes:

  • Private IP addresses
  • Public IP addresses

Large numbers of routers and devices are using the private IP addresses which are abundant in contrast with the public IP addresses which are limited.


There is a limitation of using private addresses that IP packets are not routable and in that case, ISP and NAT (Network address translation) comes into play. All the routers which are used at home or in private spaces are allotted the IP addresses from the private network.

Why is allotted?

The 192.168.x.x(192.168.l.l) is chosen because it intended to specify the addresses for much smaller subnets which emerged at a rapid scale as the internet developed. When the demand for using subnet increased, this IP address range had a prominent role to play. Initially, it was only some of the vendors who were using this IP address but with time many others followed the suite.

Story behind

If you look at the range of the IP address, it is –, here the first IP address and the last one are reserved for network and broadcast whereas all the other IP addresses lying between this ranges are meant for connecting the devices and giving them an identity while they are connected to internet.

The first usable address is Login which is a default gateway and is also termed as Man of the decade famously in the internet realm.

Configuring the wired TCP/IP properties of PC

This is easier thing to be done on your PC where certain steps are to be follow so that machine gets use for this IP address. Check out the following steps for the same:

  1. Start -> Control Panel ->Networn and internet connections -> select network connections
  2. Double-click Local Area Connection icon
  3. Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) tab
  4. Double click Properties
  5. Configure the TCP/IP protocol through DHCP server or assign the address manually
  6. Apply setting and click ok

This sets the IP address to be 192.168.l.l on your machine and enables your machine to run in a perfect way.

Why these addresses are call as private addresses?

These private addresses which are assign for the machines are known as RFC1918 addresses and serve multiple purpose of getting your device connect with the network thus easing the use of network and mobile data. You need to have a proper understanding of this IP address and its working as it lets you manage the router and its settings through more plausible way.

These addresses are mean for making your machine have a proper connection and doing away with the network relate problems too. This is an IP address that has been serving loads of operations in an easy way which eventually sets your machine smoothly.

What happens when you ping

When you are pinging on command prompt, you get a statistics which talks about packets which are sent and received. Besides that, information about lost packets is also state. The round trip time is also mention which is generally in milli-seconds and talks about the minimum and maximum times which goes into that, average time for round trip is also state. basically an IPV4 address which is use by multifarious users across the globe. Basically this IP address is use by variety of broadband routers which are connect with different devices including the computers, phones and so on. All of these devices on the network can use 192.168.l.l when they connect to different networks but at a single instance, only one device is going to get utilize this IP address.

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